Company History

Starting from humble beginnings in 1976, Jall Civil Engineering has grown into a strong and respectable company you can trust. Through reliable work on both small and large projects including the approach to Heathrow Airport and Oxford Crematorium, Jall Civil Engineering is a sterling example of excellence in construction and engineering.



Jall Civil Engineering began by finding its feet with smaller construction jobs in South Wales.

Parkway Newbury finished May 2011

JCE was responsible for slabbing both ground and roof level drainage, concrete works, kerbs, ducting, tarmac and all other associated. This won a Bali award for the contractor.

Stargroves House finished Feb 2012

Installation of Lakes and boat house drainage and duct work.

Hereford Cattle Market finished Nov 2013

All works including drainage, concrete, kerbing, stonework, and laying works associated with the car parks.

Oxford Crematorium finished Dec 2013

We worked on Oxford Crematorium and were responsible for all roadworks, kerbs, stonework, foundations and soft landscapes.

Merchant Square Paddington London

This was a very high profile contract that won a second grand award for the contractor at the Bali awards in Sept 2014.

Thomas Moore Square London

Thomas Moore Square London was a very high profile contract that was up for a Bali award in Sept 2015.

Marlbourgh Court

Marlbourgh Court was a stunning contract that was up for a further Bali award for the main contractor in Dec 2015.

Sloane Street

Sloane Street was another spectacular contract that was up for a Bali award for the contractor in Jan 2016.

Winnerersh Triangle Reading

Once again, this project was up for a Bali award, we were responsible for the walling, steps, slabbing, and drainage in April 2016.


Heathrow Approach slabbibg drainage cladding finished Jan 2016

Green Acre Park Reading

Green Acre Park Reading was a very high profiled contract where we were responsible for the concrete works, drainage, slabs, gabion walling, and kerbs.


Currently working on developments across London and the UK including: London Wall and Vauxhall gardens. From our current position we are well placed to expand into new areas whilst maintaining steady organic growth.

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